The project involves the construction of 55 stations “ L.ogistic O.ceanic S.tations
of support to Maritime Activitie  

55   L.O.S. Surface / area of 125,000 square meters with 5 levels of elevation Areas Open  Walkable, Building Plots areas for Accommodations Population, crew, tourists sea, Services and Commercial Areas, Areas Maintenance, Energy  Production Areas with an elevation of pyramidal t otal approximate 500000mq L.O.S. each of which 375000 square meters Building Plots 125,000 square meters of Open Areas  The project involves the construction of 55 los for a total 27.5 million square meters area  27500000 m2 (square meter) equals to:

27500000000000 mm2 (square millimeter)

275000000000 cm2 (square centimeter)

2750000000 dm2 (square decimeter)

27500000 m2 (square meter)

27.5 km2 (square kilometer)

275000 a (are)2750 ha (hectare)